Modules for URLs, aliases, paths, and links

Pathauto (
Requires Path, Token.
Provides a mechanism for modules to automatically generate URL aliases for the content they manage. Human-friendly URLs (e.g.,"about" rather than "node/72") are important for accessibility, usability, and SEO.
Path redirect (
Redirects users from one URL to another. When used with Pathauto, provides a new "Update Action" for when URL aliases change (e.g., when a node's title is changed). This is the recommended update action and is considered the best practice for SEO and usability.
Elements (
Provides a library of Form API elements for use by other modules. For example, it improves Path redirect's administration screen with checkboxes, a select-all checkbox, and bulk operations.
Global Redirect (
Searches for an alias of the current URL and 301 redirects if found. Stops duplicate content arising when Path module is enabled.
Link checker (
Periodically checks for broken links in node types, blocks and cck fields and reports the results.
Pathologic (
Requires Filter.
Helps avoid broken links and incorrect paths in general text fields (e.g., Body, etc.). These tend to arise when full URLs ("") or relative path URLs ("about") are used in general text fields instead of absolute path URLs ("/about") for internal content.
Linkit (
Needs Pathologic and Wysiwyg or CKEditor.
"Linkit provides an easy interface for internal linking" in general text fields (e.g., Body, etc.).
Linkit Picker (
Requires Linkit, Views.
Extends Linkit with views listing existing internal content for selection (like Node Picker had).